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the ultracheese // dead_parts #005

I was going to moan and moan about the internet and the royal wedding. But who really needs more of that shit in there life. So, welcome back! I'm hoping this blog will become a nice quiet place for you, away from the horrors of the world. So sit down, take the weight of your feet, and enjoy some bloody good art nonsense!


This last week, I've been working hard to get the animatic for my film in good shape. It is starting to make a lot more sense, but it isn't quite right. There is plenty of work to do to get things just right.

Outside of the animatic, I'm trying to do some R+D to explore how this project might be made. Specifically, I'm interested to discover how I can express the scope and tone of this world, but with aesthetic that works well for independant production. The early concept paintings are just too detailed and glossy to be achievable. So I'm playing with starker imagery and handmade textures as a step forward. The results so far are below.

This is just the start of this exploration. I'll be making a mess with some ink, painting and bleach later this week. So do not adjust your TV sets!


Beyond all of this, I'm also busy marking and listening to Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino on loop. Everyone and their mum seems to be hating this new album, but I've been loving it. It grows on you.

Until next week, stay safe and be good!

tranquility base hotel and casino // dead_parts #004

It is a crazy time of year! This week, many of my students will be handing in there final projects of this semester. It's a stressful and often anxious time for all involved, but it is also a hugely exciting and important moment. Somehow, it has been 6 years since I handed in my own graduate film, and I still remember that feeling all to well. In fact, I wrote a blog post about that feeling back in 2013. I'm not a wise man, but I think some of these words may be of use to those of you who are nearing deadlines. To put it simply, stay calm, work hard, and remember to backup your work!! Make these films the best thing they can! Good luck!


For myself, things are also beginning to get pretty hectic. I'm still working on the pre-production for my film. A lot of this pre-production work is fairly solid now, I have a good sense for art direction and mood, but there are still some details to iron out. So, I'm spending a lot of time writing at the moment, as I attempt to tighten the narrative and interweave theme and motif. It still isn't quite there, but this stage of a project is always so exciting. I sat down for a chat with friend, colleague and bearded genius Phil Gomm last Friday, and he helped spark a lot of ideas that have really pushed things forward.

The fuzzy picture of a CRT is beginning to take shape. The test card has ended...and CFAX is over. I think I can see something in the static...


I sat down on Saturday night to watch The Killing of a Sacred Dear by Yorgo Lanthimos (Dogtooth and The Lobster) and was wonderfully surprised and horrified by it. I really liked The Lobster, but this was on a different level. There is still humour in Lanthamos' work, but it hits more disturbing notes and lingers in mysterious ways.


I've also spent some time this week participating in #sketchadaymay (or #maysketchaday as some call it) which is a hashtag designed to get people drawing. I first saw this from the superbly talented Thomas Scholes, who uses the exercises as a way to relax, experiment and repurpose old work. It also acts as an immunity to self criticism. You get the job done, and put it online before your inner voice tells you that its shit and you should never paint again. The results so far are as follows:

I'm pretty busy this week, so I'm not expecting to keep these up everyday, but the exercises themselves have been hugely rewarding. I'll have some more before the month is out.


And so that is all from me for another week. Time to get back to work. Childish Gambino ended last week with this...(I know you've already seen it, of course you have.)

And this week will be completed with a new Arctic Monkeys vinyl. Backup your work. Stay calm. Be safe out there and be a good human.

factory_town // digital

It has been a very long time since I made a film. For the last 5 years, my focus has been to survive. Essentially, it has been to get projects and pay the rent. In that time I have failed to make any truly personal work. The issue was really more existential than anything, I just didn't really have anything to say. Which was fine...

But things are changing, and I think new ideas are starting to form. So, let's official call this the start of something.

The final outcome of all of this will be a mix of work, both animation, and painting. The script is pretty much done, and the next job is to make the animatic. I'm not sure how you describe this feeling, but it's so good to be back in this old mode of working. So, here it goes.