goodbye april // dead_parts #003

May is almost upon us, and with a new month, comes a new outlook on what needs to be done. The film hasn't progressed much this week; at least regarding visual development. It has been a busy week with other jobs and other meetings. However, even when things slow down like this, the ideas are still percolating. You need time like this. Time to let things evolve in the background, whilst you get on with some of the more mundane tasks of life.


I had a chance to play around with a few little visual tests. Nothing hugely conclusive or exciting at the moment, but it is something. And something, is better than nothing.

This is an old character model I had laying around, and it helped form the base of a quick test. The mixed media thing is definitely still an exciting route forward. It is the approach that makes the most sense given the narrative points. The final effect needs to be much more evocative and nuanced than this, but it begins to push in the right direction.

I did actually have time for another mixed media test, but it turned out so shit I can't bare to post it. So you'll just have to imagine that one for yourselves. So, in lieu of something new, here are some pages from the few sketchebooks that I've been keeping during this project.

I've recently been using these sketchbooks as a place to write, rather than simply draw. In doing so, I manage to filter out my ideas regarding the film, and simply get my brain onto the page. It is something I wish I had done at a much earlier point. Indeed, the reason I've started this blog, ins't because I'm a narcissistic twat (although I probably am), but because it gives me an outlet to document my thoughts and progress.


If you have a spare few hours, check out Good Time (available on Netflix) by the Safdie brothers. I saw it a couple of months ago but it still keeps lingering in my head. You'll like it, trust me.

And so, until next time, be nice out there. Talk to strangers, be kind to neighbours, and stay away from Twitter.